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Exhibition Overview

Exhibition Title: “凝視” Gazing – You lead me to see the light

Artist Name: Doris Hsu


gallery 176

1-6-1 Hattori-motomachi, Toyonaka-shi, OSAKA, 561-0851, JAPAN

Exhibition Duration

January 13 on Monday to January 26 on Sunday, 2020

Closed Date

January 20 on Monday to January 23 on Thursday

Open Hours

1:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Admission Fee


Exhibition Planning

gallery 176 / NISHIKAWA Yoshiyasu

Exhibition Introduction

This photo exhibition by Doris Hsu, a photographer living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan who continues to shoot the band “Elephant Gym” from Kaohsiung, will be held at the same time with their 1st One-Man Tour in Japan. The artist Doris will also visit Japan. Please enjoy Taiwanese photos and music.

gallery176  / NISHIKAWA Yoshiyasu

*This exhibition is not an Elephant Gym official photo exhibition.

Artwork Description

Saturated by their music, and we found the light there.

How to define a good show?
I think if they made people enjoy it, it’ll be a good show.

I love to see people enjoy their best.
Because it’s the best moment to be a human.

To me, photography is the most important thing.
And music as well .
So I try to make myself enjoy between them.

Meeting to Elephant Gym

I got a lot of exposure to Taiwanese indie music about 5 years. And my first time to know math rock was in 2016, I went to their show “WORK concert tour” in Tainan.

I remembered that is really impressed me a lot. Whenever I hear their songs, I get goose bumps. And, I was totally appealed to their music when I listened it at that time.

I keep to take photos for them from then till now.

Why taking photos by films

I love some kinds of music movie from 60’s to 80’s, and the movies show original state of these early bands. The photos from the film, some are not so much clear, even blurry, but they are all full of life.


So I was also trying to shot with film cameras, and learning to print them in the darkroom.

About this exhibition

We are growing together. Till now, I am still excited about shooting in every concert!

This exhibition included their live photos I shot in Taiwan from 2016 to 2019. I recorded different shows for them, some by digital, some by film. There are also another daily photos in this exhibition. You can merit a closer look their daily too.

It’s the first time to have my overseas exhibition. I hope you can feel the power from these works.
Enjoy it, have a good day 🙂

Doris Hsu

Exhibition Plan

gelatin silver print, type C print (Size and number are undecided)


Location Map

gallery 176

1-6-1 Hattori-motomachi, Toyonaka-shi, OSAKA, 561-0851, JAPAN

Hankyu Takarazuka Line Hattori Tenjin Station (11 minutes from Umeda station) Get off 1 minute walk

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Elephant Gym

Formed in 2012, Elephant Gym is a three-piece band from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, known for melodic and emotional bass-driven tracks filled with gentle, beautiful and rhythmic guitar and drum ensemble. In early times their music has been based on instrumental, sometimes associated with Math Rock, but the band often features vocals recently expressing their sophisticated song-writing skills and performing techniques with the growing influences of Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Alternative and Indie Rock, Film Music etc. As the band matures, their music surpasses the musical genre or category.

Elephant Gym is also fond of other art forms ane collaborated with Japanese R&B band, WONK, Taiwan aboriginal singers, film directors, modern dance group, and theater actors trying to create an art world of Elephant Gym.

While they are one of the important and representing band in Taiwan, they have also attracted attention around the world having been invited to Summer Sonic (Japan), Super Strawberry Festival (China), Music Matters (Singapore), Mega Port Festival (Taiwan) and many other significant Festivals in Asia. In 2018, Elephant Gym worked with Topshelf Records in the US, WORDS Recordings in Japan and Space Circle in China to release their second album “Underwater” worldwide and started their first world tour (Canada, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Taiwan, UK and more TBD in Europe). Shows in Toronto, Tokyo, Malaysia, Singapore, and all 6 cities in the US were sold out. As of March 2019, ArcTanGent Festival (UK) announced their appearance in the summer of 2019 and their first UK and EU tour will be expected around this time.

» Click here for details(WORDS Recordings)


Doris Hsu / DsFilmStudio

Born in 1995, Live in Kauhsiung, Taiwan
Freelance since 2016
Love black and white film, indie music and portrait photo
Darkroom Freelance
Band photographer

Taking band photos

2016 “Elephant Gym WORK tour” TCRC bar, Tainan
2017 “Elephant Gym Bridge Auditorium Tour” Kaohsiung
2017 “Elephant Gym at WakeUp Festival” Chiayi
2017 “Elephant Gym / we are south festival” Rocks bar, Kaohsiung
2018 “Elephant Gym X Toconoma 《走在沒說完的話裡》” THE WALL, Taipei
2018 “Elephant Gym at Megaport Festival” Kaohsiung
2019 “Elephant Gym UNDERWATER World Tour” Kaohsiung Experimental Theatre, Kaohsiung


2017 “Elephant Gym Bridge Auditorium Tour” mini photo book First edition
2017 1st Oui Oui black and white photo book

Other works

2018 Elephant Gym “Moonset” goods publicity photos
2019 Louis Vuitton / FW Pop-up shop in Taipei
2019 Elephant Gym “The Rats and The Elephants” publicity photos


Facebok: Dsfilmstudio
Instagram: dorisfilmstudio


Exhibition Archive

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