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Yusuke Tomonaga | Masakuni Nunogaki | Yoshiyasu Nishikawa | Tomoyoshi Hayakawa | Ikuko Suzuki | Kou Kimura  | Yutaka Yamashita | Hiroyuki Saito (as of June 2024)


gallery 176 is an independent photo gallery owned and operated by photographers.

gallery 176 was founded on the principle of self-driven operation, with the goal of providing a space where members can showcase their photography work. Further, members are constantly seeking external interactions and exchanges that help propel their photography in a sound and healthy way and avoid complacency.  

To date, gallery 176 has showcased numerous solo and group exhibitions by our members, as well as organized special exhibitions by non-member photographers and collaborative exhibitions with other galleries from both Japan and abroad. 

gallery 176 also holds events and workshops, such as movie screenings, photobook sales, and question and answer sessions for up and coming photographers (‘Shashin wo Miru Kai’).

Additionally, gallery 176 has been proactively expanding its reach beyond its gallery space, both domestically and in to Asian countries. Gallery members have also taken active roles in the world of photography outside the gallery, including running photo galleries and teaching classes.

In the future, we are thrilled to showcase Asian photographers’ work in addition to our members’ work. We will also be working on photobook publishing.

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gallery 176

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