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TAIWAN PHOTO Fair, the largest photo fair in Taiwan, will mark the 10th anniversary in 2023. Due to the pandemic situation, it is to be held for the first time in four years.

For gallery 176, this year will be our fourth time participation, following through 2017 – 2019. We are coming with eight photographers, three guest photographers from Gallery Kaido in Tokyo and five members from gallery 176.

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Invited Artists (Gallery KAIDO): ONAKA Koji, KOMATSU Munemitsu, SATO Haruna
gallery 176 Members: TOMONAGA Yusuke, NISHIKAWA Yoshiyasu, HAYAKAWA Tomoyoshi, SUZUKI Ikuko, SAITO Hiroyuki

Exhibition Duration

from October 19, Thursday to 22, Sunday, 2023


from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

*VIP PARTY on October 20, Friday, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
*ART TOURS on October 21, Saturday, from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, and on on October 22, Sunday, from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Entrance Fee

NT$200 (1-Day Pass for adult, during the fair / other tickets available)


*We have invitation tickets, so if you would like one, please contact info@null176.photos by email. Invitation tickets will be handed out at the venue entrance (as the number of invitation tickets is limited, we may not be able to hand them out).


Syntrend Creative Park|12F, Syntrend Show

No. 2, Sec. 3, Civil Blvd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, TAIWAN


Translation Cooperation

Yukiko Nishikawa

Artists Introduction 


ONAKA Koji “Black cat 1983 / Slow Boat / Faraway Boat”

Artwork Description

Faraway Boat

Monochrome photographs taken while traveling around Japan in the 1980s and 1990s.


1960 Born in Fukuoka prefecture in Japan
1982 Graduated from Tokyo Photograph College (present name/Tokyo Visual Arts). Participated in the Image shop CAMP
1988 Opened up the gallery [KAIDO] at Tokyo

Major solo exhibitions

2022 [Have a Break & My Ektachrome] Gallery NEGATIVE Busan Korea
2021 [Have a Break] Gallery KAIDO / gallery 176 Osaka / gallery 0369 Mie
2021 [Horse & Cactus] Gallery KAIDO / Solaris Osaka
2021 [My photo book history] Book obscura Tokyo
2021 [Faraway Boat and Little Faded Trip] Gallery NEGATIVE Busan Korea
2020 [Little Faded Trip] PLACE M Tokyo / gallery 176 Osaka / gallery 0369 Mie
2020 [Neko to Koji-kun] Solaris Osaka / Fuji Film Photo Salon Tokyo
2020 [Faraway Boat] Poetic Scape Tokyo
2020 [Faraway Boat] Irie Taikichi memorial museum of photography Nara city/ Nara
2019 [Short Trip Again] Gallery NEGATIVE Busan. Korea
2019 [Faraway Boat] White Press Verlag. Colgne Germany
2019 [Sleeping cat] Super labo Tokyo
2018 [memories of younger days in Shinjuku] in)(between gallery. Paris France
2018 [’80s Shinjuku] Place M Tokyo. Japan
2018 [Koji Onaka] Gallery Wall Ulsan. Korea
2018 [Free bird] Pan view gallery Zhengzhou.China
2018 [Short trip again] Visual art gallery Osaka.Japan
2018 [Slow boat] Imageless Space Wuxi.China
2017 [slow boat] Poetic scape. Tokyo
2016 [Memento vivere- From the road] in)(between gallery .Paris
2016 [Lucky cat] Fondation A Stichting, Brussels
2015 [chromaAtic time Axis-detached] in)(between gallery .Paris
2015 [Umimachi] Zeit Foto Salon,Tokyo


2006 The Photographic Society of Japan new photographer prize
2002 The18th Higasikawa new photographer prize
1992 The 4th Society of Photography prize


Fondation A Stichting, Belgium
MOMA San Francisco, USA
Shanghai Museum, China
Carré Amelot- La Rochelle, France
Tokyo Metlopolitan Museum of photography, Japan
Higashikawa Culture Gallery-Hokkaido, Japan

Artwork Detail

Size: 16x20inch
Year: 2023 / 2023 / 2019
Media: gelatin silver print


KOMATSU Munemitsu “Ground Diver”

Artwork Description

【Eye pleasure】

My theme is “Seeing with your eyes. And the joy of discovery.”
In everyday life, we see the world through the concepts we have in our heads.
I enjoy looking at the world from a perspective that is a little removed from “viewing it with concepts and common sense.”

【Urban Snapshot】

In a city crowded with people, materials, and information, countless scenes are constantly passing before our eyes.
Most of them are scenes that I just watched subconsciously and don’t leave in my memory.
I observe cities from a different perspective than usual and look for fascinating scenes that I have never noticed before.
Everyone has their own way of seeing the world, and if you change your perspective, you will see a new world.
The world is always a parallel world between me and someone else.

【City Diver】

The title of the work, “Ground Diver” is based on the image of exploring a city with your eyes,
like a diver who relies on his eyes to explore underwater.
This work is a selection from the “Ground Diver” series that has been released since 2009.


1968 Born in Kanagawa, Japan
1992 Graduates from the packaging design specialty of Kuwasawa Design School.
2008 Participate in the photo workshop “Kaido-jyuku”
2011- member of the independent photo gallery “Gallery Kaido” in Tokyo.
continues to present works with urban landscape motifs.
Photo book “Finder” series has been published up to Vol.20.


2008-2023 Held 29 solo exhibitions Gallery Kaido (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 ”GROUND DIVER” Gallery Bi-zero (Osaka, Japan)
2015 ”Stardust” CROSSROAD GALLERY (Tokyo, Japan)
2017 ”Finder” Bar Kodoji, (Tokyo, Japan)
2021 ”Ground Diver:multiverse” Place M (Tokyo, Japan)
2023 ”PHANTOM TOUR” Gallery chuff (Tokyo, Japan)
2023 ”Ground Diver” gallery 176 (Osaka, Japan)


2017 ”TOKYO NOW” Espace Coutures Saint Gervais (Paris, France)
2017 ”DISCOVERY FROM ORDINARY DAYS” Atelier für Photographie (Berlin, Germany)
2018 ”Kaido magazine” art ground hq (Ulsan, Korea)
2019 ”Kaido” Gallery Wall, Gallery 42 (Ulsan, Korea)
2020 ”SHUFFLE” Gallery Kaido (Tokyo, Japan)
2023 ”KAIDO Vol.3” Gallery Negative (Busan, Korea)

Artwork Detail

Size: 167x251mm
Year: 2009-2017
Media: inkjet print


SATO Haruna “since I was 25”

Artwork Description

In this exhibition, I will be exhibiting selected photos from the photo book “since I was 25” which was published last year. This photo book is made up of Black and White photos taken over a period of 10 years (2011-2022) from the age of 25, when I started taking photos in my daily life.

The road in front of the station, the commute to work, the time I spent in the trains, meal times…

When I walk around, I prefer residential areas and back alleys with a sense of life rather than crowded cities.
Rather than taking exciting moments, I want to continue taking photos that make people feel relaxed and want to keep looking at them.


Born in Kanagawa in 1986. Based in Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts Photography Department in 2006. Active member of “Gallery Kaido” has hold multiple exhibitions. Started “ICHI NO HI” series in 2011 and published up to vol.5 of the photo book series “ICHI NO HI”. She constantly participates in photography related events in Japan and
abroad Japan.

Major solo exhibition

2007 “HANAURA” Lotus Root Gallery, Tokyo
2008 – 2014  “Kitto, Short Trip” series (8 times) Gallery Kaido, Tokyo
2011 – 2014  “ICHI NO HI” series (4 times) Gallery Kaido, Tokyo
2014 “Tokyo Action!” Gallery Kaido, Tokyo
2018 “Tschüss” Gallery Kaido, Tokyo
2018~2019 “little by little #01 -#06” Gallery Kaido, Tokyo
2020 “I want to travel” Gallery Kaido, Tokyo
2021 “small photo exhibition” Gallery Kaido, Tokyo
2022 “since I was 25” Gallery Kaido, Tokyo
2023 “since I was 25” gallery176, Osaka
    “since I was 25 plus+” KODOJI, Shinjuku Golden Gai, Tokyo

Major group exhibition&photo event

2013 “Kassel Fotobook festival” Kassel, Germany
2015 “Polycopies” Paris, France
2016 “COSMOS ARLES BOOKS” Arles, France
2017 “DISCOVERY FROM ORDINARY DAYS” Atelier für Photographie Berlin, Germany
2018 “Fotofever 2018” Paris, France
2019  Group exhibition “Another day in the park” Gallery SATORU, Tokyo
2023  Group exhibition “KAIDO vol.3” Gallery NEGATIVE Busan, Korea


2011 “ICHI NO HI vol.1” self published
2012 “ICHI NO HI vol.2” self published
   “ICHI NO HI vol.3” self published
2013 “ICHI NO HI vol.4” self published
2015 “ICHI NO HI vol.5” Kaido Books
“Happening” Kaido Books
2018 “Tschüss” Kaido Books
2022 “since I was 25” Kaido Books



Artwork Detail

Size: 11x14inch
Year: 2011-2021
Media: gelatin silver print


TOMONAGA Yusuke “1999BeijingCOLOR”

Artwork Description

I decided to quit my job to become a photographer. During the first summer vacation after I entered the photography school, I visited Beijing to photograph China, where I had previously studied.

It was a time I was still trying to decide whether to use color film or black-and-film for my work. So, I used both color and black-and-white films to film Beijing.

After that, I decided to create my works using only black-and-white film. Therefore, I did not have a chance to show my color works.

This is the first time I present my color works taken in Beijing 24 years ago.


1994 Completed Beijing Dian Ying Xue Yuan in China
1996-97 Assistant director for Movie Director Mr.Kazuo Hara in Shisso Production
2000 Completed Tokyo Polytechnic University photograph course
2000 Participated in Workshop “CORPUS ”the 16stage
2001 Completed Inter Medium Institute
2010「Magic & Loss」Stills & Making(Starring:Kiki Sugino、Director:Lim Kah-Wai / 15th Busan International Film Festival、24th Tokyo International Film Festival)
2011 「NEW WORLD」Producer(Director:Lim Kah-Wai / 35th The Hong Kong International Film Festival)
2012 「Fly Me to Minami」Line producer(Director:Lim Kah-Wai / 8th Osaka Asian Film Festival)
2020「COME & GO」Line producer(Director:Lim Kah-Wai / 33th Tokyo International Film Festival)


2000「Beijing Solution 」(Konica Plaza / Tokyo)
2006「Beijing Solution 」(krafte / Osaka)
2007「Okinawa Island」(gallery la galerie / Osaka)
2008「Staring at the world with diversified eyes」(HANARE / Hyogo)
2010「Kishu」(krafte / Osaka)
2017「My photos with will and wish」(gallery176 / Osaka)
2019「Okinawa」(gallery176 / Osaka)
2020「My photos with will and wish Ⅱ」(gallery176 / Osaka)
2021「1999 Beijing COLOR」(gallery176 / Osaka)
2021「1999 Beijing COLOR」(TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY / Tokyo)


2001「The 17 th HITOTSUBO Photo Exhibition」(Guardian Garden / Tokyo)
2007「New visions of Japanese Photography」(Refind nest gallery / Shanghai, China)
2017 TAIWAN PHOTO 2017(ShinKong Mitsukoshi / Taipei・Taiwan)
2018 TAIWAN PHOTO 2018(ShinKong Mitsukoshi / Taipei・Taiwan)
2019 TAIWAN PHOTO 2019 (ShinKong Mitsukoshi / Taipei・Taiwan)
2019「1839 Contemporary Gallery x gallery 176 Exchange Exhibition in Taipei」(1839 Contemporary Gallery / Taipei ・ Taiwan)
2022「Hattori-Tenjin」(gallery 176 / Osaka)
2022 NISHIKAWA Yoshiyasu・TOMONAGA Yusuke「input x output」(gallery 176 / Osaka)
2023 On The Road x gallery 176 Exchange Exhibition in Kaohsiung( On The Road / Kaohsiung・Taiwan)
2023 1839 Contemporary Gallery x gallery 176 Exchange Exhibition in Taipei(1839 Contemporary Gallery / Taipei・Taiwan)


1999 Tokyo Polytechnic University Fox-Talbot Prize Fine Work
2000 Tokyo Polytechnic University photograph course Excellent prize


Tokyo Polytechnic University gallery(Tokyo・Japan)
Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts(Yamanashi・Japan)
Shanghai Institute of Visual Art,(Shanghai・China)
Yanbian University Art Academies(Yanji・China)

Artwork Detail

Size: 234×346 mm
Year: 1999
Media: type C print


NISHIKAWA Yoshiyasu “MACHI-WA-NIWA / Garden within the City”

With a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture, my career had started in the field of landscape design, especially for urban squares and parks. I had also lived and worked in the Philippines for 3 years as a member of JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers). After coming back to Japan, I have been working more on visual designs including photography.

My past projects as a photographer include “garden” on landscape gardening, “DAVAO 1996-1999”, “DAVAO 2019” and “MACHI-WA-NIWA / Garden within the City” featuring peoples’ lives and street scenes in Asian countries (Phillippines and Taiwan, etc.), and “Kodomo Karuta” that captured my own children as subjects. I have also organized several workshops on Karuta(a game using picture cards).

“MACHI-WA-NIWA / Garden within the City” that was released in May of 2021 features lush greenery street scenes in Taiwan. For me, they looked like ‘Gardens’ that local people have created unpurposefully. I also compiled an extended series “MACHI-NO-NIWA / Garden for the City” in May of 2022, in which I photographed lots of park scenery in urban areas of Japan that looked blended or buried into buildings or highways. I have presented a concept that parks are serving as ‘Gardens’ for Japanese people.

As the pandemic situation becomes milder, I have been putting more effort into exchange activities with overseas photo galleries. As a result of that, my projects “garden” and “MACHI-WA-NIWA” were exhibited in Taipei and Kaohsiung from May to June 2023. I am currently working on projects in collaboration with the galleries in South Korea, Philippines, Thailand to realize exhibitions in the upcoming years.

For Taiwan Photo Fair 2023, “MACHI-WA-NIWA” was re-edited based on the past exhibitions in Osaka (2021 May) and Taiwan / Kaohsiung (2023 May-Jun). Using different papers both in quality (Japanese Echizen Washi) and sizes allowed me to illustrate ‘Gardens’ on Taiwan streets in a more quiet and calm atmosphere.

Artwork Description

In the last few years, I have had several chances to visit Taiwan, where I found lots of giant tropical trees such as Chinese Banyan or Delonix regia are scattered across the city. When I stroll around the streets with my camera, I often bump into large trees that seem to suddenly appear from behind buildings. Sometimes, my way was blocked by potted plants that lined up under the eaves.

The way that natural trees are intertwined with artificial structures, such as bridges, buildings, or signs, seems to me ‘natural garden’, depending on angles or compositions.

Japanese gardens I am familiar with are something that people mimic natural environments purposefully with using natural elements like trees, stones, and moss, etc.,. On the contrary, the natural garden that I see on the streets in Taiwan are something that local people have created unpurposefully. The city can be a garden.


Live in Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
Designer, Photographer
1967 Born in Fukui, Japan
1986-1990 Studied about landscape architecture at Chiba University
1990-1996 Worked at several landscape design offices in Tokyo
1996-1999 Worked at University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao, Philippines as JOCV/JICA Volunteer
2000- freelance photographer and designer in Osaka
2016- member of “gallery 176”, photography gallery in Osaka
2019- part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of the Arts (formerly Kyoto University of Art and Design)

Solo exhibition

2017 “Kodomo Karuta” gallery 176 (Osaka, Japan)
2018 “DAVAO 1996-1999” gallery 176 (Osaka, Japan)
2019 “DAVAO 2019” gallery 176 (Osaka, Japan)
2020 “garden” gallery 176 (Osaka, Japan)
2021 “the city is a garden” gallery 176 (Osaka, Japan)
2021 “prototypes” gallery 176 (Osaka, Japan)
2022 “a garden in the city” gallery 176 (Osaka, Japan)
2023 “Kodomo Karuta remix” gallery 176 (Osaka, Japan)

Group exhibition

2016 176 reborn “stones” gallery 176 (Osaka, Japan)
2017 YOSHITOMI PHOTO FESTIVAL 2017 “yoshitomi – 2017.3.5” Yoshitomi-no-sho (Kyoto, Japan)
2017 TAIWAN PHOTO 2017 “garden materials” ShinKong Mitsukoshi (Taipei, Taiwan)
2018 YOSHITOMI PHOTO FESTIVAL 2018 “Kodomo Karuta” Yoshitomi-no-sho (Kyoto, Japan)
2018 TAIWAN PHOTO 2018 “plants” ShinKong Mitsukoshi (Taipei, Taiwan)
2019 YOSHITOMI PHOTO FESTIVAL 2019 “DAVAO 1996-1999” Yoshitomi-no-sho (Kyoto, Japan)
2019 1839 Contemporary Gallery x gallery 176 Exchange Exhibition in Taipei “in the garden” 1839 Contemporary Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan)
2019 TAIWAN PHOTO 2019 “in the garden” ShinKong Mitsukoshi (Taipei, Taiwan)
2020 YOSHITOMI PHOTO FESTIVAL 2020 “People of the South – Davao and Kaohsiung” Yoshitomi-no-sho (Kyoto, Japan)
2023 On The Road x gallery 176 Exchange Exhibition in Kaohsiung “garden / the city is a garden” On The Road (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
2023 1839 Contemporary Gallery x gallery 176 Exchange Exhibition in Taipei “the city is a garden” 1839 Contemporary Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan)







Artwork Detail

Size: A3 297x420mm / A4 210x297mm
Year: 2017-2023
Media: archival pigment print (inkjet print)


HAYAKAWA Tomoyoshi “My Works 2014-2023”

Artwork Description

I am primarily known as a photographer who takes photos related to fishing, but I also photograph a variety of other subjects besides fishing.

This time in Taiwanphoto 2023, I will not be showing my typical fishing photos, but my other works.
All of my works are photographs of landscapes, but I define landscapes as documents, not just landscapes.
This time, I will be exhibiting ”Izumo” and ”From the Sea of silence” from my works. The “Izumo” series imagines ancient Japan from modern landscapes. Izumo, pronounced IZUMO, is the name of an area that flourished in ancient Japan.

And the ”From the Sea of Silence” series, which are seascapes.

This is a record of the expressions of the sea that I encountered while filming a documentary about fishermen.

All photos were taken by myself at the scene, and I certify that they are not fakes generated by AI (artificial intelligence).


Photographer(Professional Photographer)
Member of The photographic Society of Japan(2002~)
Member of gallery 176 (2018~)

Born in 1974.
1993 Admitted to Osaka University of Arts.
1995 Stayed in Israel.
2000 Stayed in south America(Argentina/Brazil/Chile/Paraguay).
After returning from south America, Became free-lance photographer though assistant of advertisement photographer office.

Exhibitions and Others

2022 “SIZUKANO-UMI, Mare Tranquillitatis” solo exhibition in TOTEMPOLE Photo gallery Tokyo Japan.
2021 “IZUMO” solo exhibition in gallery 0369 Mie Japan.
2021 “SIZUKANO-UMI, Sea of silence Ritual” solo exhibition in gallery 176 Osaka Japan.
2020 “TAIWAN SIPPU-ROKU, Taiwan 108/109” solo exhibition in gallery 176 Osaka Japan.
2018 “SIZUKANO-UMI, Mare Tranquillitatis” solo exhibition in gallery 176 Osaka Japan.

2023 and 2019, Group exhibitions of “1839 Contemporary Galley × gallery 176 exchange exhibitions in Taipei” in 1839 Contemporary Gallery Taipei Taiwan.
2020 and 2019 Group exhibitions of “KYOTO GRAPHIE KG+ ” in Kyoto Japan.

2016 Slected of “APA Award(Japan Advertising Photographer’s Association)”.

Artwork Detail

Size: 420x594mm
Year: 2014-2023
Media: archival pigment print (inkjet print)


SUZUKI Ikuko “travel among stones”

Artwork Description

Photos from around Japan’s megaliths


Born in Osaka
Participated in Kaidojuku workshop in 2007 and 2008.
Over the past few years, the style of deciding on a destination and traveling from place to place over the course of 10 days to 2 weeks has become established. In 2015, a photo book “TUS TSU URA URA” containing those photos was published by Kaido Books.
Self-printed with film.

Artwork Detail

Size: 11x14inch、8x10inch
Year: 2020-2022
Media: type C print


SAITO Hiroyuki “Fukushima”

Artwork Description

FUKUSHIMA is a photo project that features my hometown.

Fukushima Prefecture, located in Tohoku region in Japan, boasts abundant nature. With the Ou Mountains and the Abukuma Mountains running from north to south, forests account for 70% of the land. In terms of terrain and climate, the prefecture is divided into three districts: Aizu, Nakadori, Hamadori.

Aizu District in the west has a great number of historic buildings and cultural heritages. Lots of snow falls here during the winter season due to the high altitude. Nakadori District sitting in the middle, with the national roads and railroads, has been blossoming in commercial and industrial activities. I was born and grew up in this area. Hamadori District in the east is facing the Pacific Ocean. Along the beautiful coastlines and beaches, people enjoy swimming and marine activities in summer. In Fukushima, many traditional rituals and events have been still taking place for more than several hundreds or a thousand years.

Currently based in Osaka, I am frequently visiting Fukushima for shooting almost once a month. Being away from my hometown, I am becoming more sensitive to Fukushima’s rich and beautiful natural environment that constantly changes throughout the year. I feel the preciousness of the scenery that I had been exposed to in my childhood. That is why I am still photographing my hometown Fukushima, looking for such inspirational encounters. This series is edited with images that were shot at the Aizu District and the Nakadori District.


1972 Born in Fukushima, Japan
2022- member of the photographer group “R163lab.”
2023- member of “gallery 176”, photography gallery in Osaka


2022 “Fukushima, in Winter”
photo gallery ITO (Fukushima, Japan)


2023 R163lab. photo exhibition “ONOONO no Tsukigase”
Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum of Photography Nara City and Tsukigase Workation room ONOONO (Nara, Japan)

Artwork Detail

Size: 11x14inch
Year: 2019-2021
Media: gelatin silver print